Rebranding Tunderbird to Firefox Mail

Eyal Rozenberg eyalroz at
Fri Apr 12 19:30:41 UTC 2019

With due respect, you seem to be "begging the question" [1] - making
arguments for moving towards writing a mobile phone app based on the
assumption that this will actually happen / is already happening. Here
are several examples from your latest email:

On 12/04/2019 20:31, Ryan Sipes wrote:
> we should find identifiable places where work can be done on
> current Thunderbird that will be reusable in the event that we begin
> writing a mobile app in the future.

No, we don't need to do that - and those of us in paid capacity should
avoid spending time on doing that, since there is no decision to move
towards writing mobile phone mail app.

> Also, in regards to other parts of this conversation - I think that it
> is important that we address mobile platforms because they appear to be
> becoming more desktop-ish as time goes on. For instance, the Google
> Slate tablet is also a laptop and runs both Chrome OS apps and Android
> apps. I think those users would fall into the group who might be
> interested in Thunderbird.

To the extent that tablets become desktop-like, they will have
desktop-like operating systems which will run desktop applications like
Thunderbird with limited porting efforts. While this is not the case,
tablets are mobile-phone-like, so it is not important to target them
unless we've decided to write a mobile phone app.

> Finally, we should look at addressing Android in some way because it is
> the most widely used consumer operating system in the world. 

Android is one of the least used operating systems in the world - on
desktop and laptop computers. Only if you assume we are writing a mobile
phone app is that a valid statistic.


  [1] :

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