Rebranding Tunderbird to Firefox Mail

Ryan Sipes ryan at
Fri Apr 12 17:31:07 UTC 2019

Hey Matt,

On 4/11/2019 5:04 PM, Matt Harris wrote:
> /The Gaia mail app from Firefox O/S would make a logically starting 
> point for a mobile email app,  designed to run on a phone using a 
> Linux O/S and with a lot of the same server side dependencies as 
> Thunderbird, ISPDB etc and already including activSync.  But I for one 
> am not expecting anything serious in the way of effort here for a 
> quite significant timeframe, especially as the browser that would have 
> to be used internally is not Firefox. But I must reiterate, I see it 
> as a future project,  not something that should be on any sort term 
> forward plan, but something Thunderbird should be committed to doing.  
> Lets get the Desktop fixed up and humming along before we bite off 
> bigger and perhaps more difficult fruit but lets not forget what 
> computing devices our users actually own and use./

Magnus and I were actually discussing this the other day. I'm not sure 
if some participants in this thread are actually reading what I'm 
saying. But we should find identifiable places where work can be done on 
current Thunderbird that will be reusable in the event that we begin 
writing a mobile app in the future.

Also, in regards to other parts of this conversation - I think that it 
is important that we address mobile platforms because they appear to be 
becoming more desktop-ish as time goes on. For instance, the Google 
Slate tablet is also a laptop and runs both Chrome OS apps and Android 
apps. I think those users would fall into the group who might be 
interested in Thunderbird.

Finally, we should look at addressing Android in some way because it is 
the most widely used consumer operating system in the world. I'm not 
saying we have to get there this year - but I think we should find a way 
to give those users the power and flexibility that Thunderbird offers.

*Of course, this is all just my opinion - we as a community have to 
decide if we want to spend our efforts on mobile or any of the other 
platforms we've discussed.*


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