Future of Inastant Messaging: Make instant messaging separate from Thunderbird

Amir Farsi amir.farsi428 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 06:36:14 UTC 2019

Currently InstantBird is Integrated with Thunderbird. It's becauase some
times Companies and Communication sorftware builders Including Google,
Mozilla,... thinked it's better to have an integrated communication suite.
Mozilla merged Instant Bird and Thunderbird, Google Merged Google
Talk(Hangouts) and Gmail,....
But It seems ordinary users don't want to chat when they're using email.
Users prerfer to have instant messaging app as a separate app but on All of
platforms(Like: Web, Desktop, Mobile, Even Tablets). If you look at most
popular instant messaging Apps, those are sepereate from email clients. You
can look at Telegram, Pidgin, Singal Private Messaging App,...
I think future version of Thunderird and It's Instant Messaging Subsystem
should be separate. However you can publish Insrtant Bird as a Thunderbird
Add-On, Thunderbird should focus on email and have Web App, Desktop, and
Mobile App. If you want to keep instahnt messaging as sub system of
thunderbird, how you will make this sub system in Thundrebhird Mobile App?
You can't do it. It's not common. I think we should have two things:
Thunderbird: Web, Deasktop, Mobile, Tablet
Thunderbird Competitors: Outlook, Opera Mail,...
Instant Bird: Web. Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Addon for email clients(Like
Thunderbird, Gmail,)
Instant Bird Competitors: KiwiIRC.com, Pidgin, CloudIRC.com, Telegram,
Even i think next instant bird should not be only a chat application. It
should support VOIP like SIP
In addition, you can add Telegram support to Insrtant Bird too. I mean
Instrant Bird can be like Plus Messenger and otther third party Telegram
Clients if user selected Telegram in instant bird. Telegram supporting make
a third party apps via it's API.
Note: I don't say Instant Bird Should be only a Telegram Cleint. Instant
Bird would support Next Generation of IRC(IRC v3, Telegram, XMPP, SIP,...)
Best wishs for you.
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