Rebranding Tunderbird to Firefox Mail

Ryan Sipes ryan at
Wed Apr 10 15:52:37 UTC 2019

On 4/10/19 9:02 AM, Onno Ekker wrote:
> Maybe it helps to clearly define what a browser based app is. People
> read browser and associate it with a website and immediately think of
> webmail. People read app and think of the Mail App on their iPhone.
> Thunderbird isn't running in the browser, it *is* the browser. And if
> Thunderbird will be available as an app for my mobile phone somewhere in
> the distant future, I'd be very happy, because at the moment handling
> mail on the phone is subpar.

As per the part about a mobile phone app, there are no plans for this at
the moment - but we could get much closer if we could create/use
components that would be applicable for both the desktop and mobile
apps. That way we wouldn't duplicate effort any more than we have to.

I would be willing to help chase this if we had folks interested in
contributing to the effort and who could help identify places where we
can use components that would work for both use cases.

Just thinking out loud, none of this represents anyone else's opinions.

Ryan Sipes
Community and Business Development Manager
Thunderbird <>
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