Discussion about Web App Thunderbird

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at iki.fi
Wed Apr 10 06:52:43 UTC 2019

On 08-04-2019 15:55, Tanstaafl wrote:
> On Fri Apr 05 2019 21:25:48 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Matt
> Harris <unicorn.consulting at gmail.com> wrote:
>> An android version would be something I think we should look at before
>> we go down a path of a browser app,  perhaps leverage some of the work
>> done in the Firefox OS mail app. Before we are shamed out of the market
>> with poor ports.
> Disagree.
> Thunderbird is a Desktop application. It can never be a mobile app.
> Sure, you can build something new and call it Thunderbird Mobile, but it
> will not be Thunderbird.

Agreed, though it's not written in stone that a mobile version could 
never be created. I do think the priorities should be to ensure the 
desktop libraries are reasonably reusable, and then when we have that in 
place there could be room to expand into other spaces like mobile and 
web versions where functionality might have to be more limited.

When I'm talking about the target of a super fat, privileged web 
application I'm talking about the technology in the back. Thunderbird 
would still be a desktop application just like to today. That the 
technology behind would open up other possibilities in the future is a 
bonus, but not the primary target at the moment since that could easily 
side track the main developments.


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