State of Thunderbird Extensions

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Fri Apr 5 11:43:39 UTC 2019


On 04.04.19 13:00, Matt Harris wrote:
> On 02-Apr-19 9:37 PM, u wrote:

>> Users on Debian based operating systems generally install addons from
>> distro-repositories,
> /That is a state of affairs that needs to be actively discouraged.  The

I don't think it's bad practice to install from a distro repository, on
the contrary: installing from there guarantees a layer of security.
Maintainers have checked and tested the code, can declare compatibility
of their package and installing happens over a trusted path.

> version of Thunderbird being offered in some distributions are little
> more than forks with whole panels of settings removed.  Can not tell a

I don't think this is general practice.

> ubuntu user to check the install history in Edit > Preferences > Update
> as that panel is just not there for them.  I am to the point of not
> offering support to users of certain distributions because I am
> unfamiliar with the product they are using.  

Fair enough.

> With maintainers modifying
> code,  the user interface and not offering bundled add-ons it is to the
> point unless you are using the actual distribution and version you can
> not do more than guess what the product even looks like.

I'm not aware of such modifications to TB addons in Debian.


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