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Fri Apr 5 07:18:58 UTC 2019

On 05/04/2019 02:34, Andrei Hajdukewycz wrote:
> For THIS topic specifically, I don't see a good argument to add 
> version numbers on the website. The average user doesn't care, the 
> average user also doesn't use add-ons(other than Lightning). For 
> support purposes, Help -> About displays the version and always will, 
> and for users who like to be aware, the download URL that appears on 
> mouseover still contains the full version string.

I'm with Andrei here, most users don't care. Yes, there are a proportion 
of users that do want to know, and they are the ones that tend to be 
more vocal about using specific versions, or checking checksums etc and 
they'll know or find the ways to get what they want.

Think about what the average person will see when they come to the 
website - they're interested, they might want to download Thunderbird 
depending on what they see. What would that 60 mean? What's significant 
about it? Is it the latest? Is it not, if not, why isn't it, why aren't 
they offering me the latest? Maybe I'll just go back to using Gmail, or 
I'll go get eM Client which has a nice clean "Download for free" button. 
That's an extreme example, I suspect most users would just ignore the 60 
and download it.

Users *may* get interested once they start using it (because of add-ons 
etc), but that could also be a week or two after they've started using 
it, at which point it may have already updated from the version they 
originally downloaded. That's why we have Help -> About just like any 
other program.

I just found this article on 6 free email clients 
<>, one 
of them is Thunderbird. Out of the 5 remaining, only one (Incredimail) 
feels the need to mention the version number. Only two of them 
(Incredimail, Mail & Calendar) feel the need to mention more than works 
on "Windows, Mac and Linux".

Generally, simpler is better - let the user focus on what they need, and 
not have a whole lot of unnecessary things around it. That may be 
causing an unnecessary and unwanted distraction.


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