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Fri Apr 5 01:34:20 UTC 2019

On 2019-04-04 3:57 p.m., Matt Harris wrote:
> On 04-Apr-19 9:16 AM, Andrei Hajdukewycz wrote:
>> On 2019-04-03 3:40 p.m., Nomis101 🐝 wrote:
>>> Looks nice! If I download Thunderbird, I'm always confused about which
>>> version will be downloaded if I click the download button. This only 
>>> can
>>> be seen after Thunderbird is downloaded. I know, this is the same for
>>> Firefox, so it seems to me there is a general mozilla UX guide line of
>>> not showing the version number on the download page. But for me, 
>>> this is
>>> very confusing. Whats the reason for nowhere showing the version 
>>> number?
>> /When we get to the point of being unable to just install an older 
>> version to bypass immediate issues of add-on compatibility or 
>> regression that makes the product unusable then we will start to 
>> loose users.  We do not have the equivalent of Firefox sync to retain 
>> most of the important data.  We have no effective way to backup a 
>> profile before update.   Are you saying that we have a really major 
>> issue before 68 in that we have to build a profile backup and restore 
>> functionality and automate it before 68 comes in because those that 
>> want to go back can not?  Forcing update and actively preventing 
>> going back is not going to win friends,  but it will make a lot of 
>> enemies very quickly. /

I don't think this thread is a good place to discuss this in further 
detail, but just to explain what I was referring to specifically, right 
now beta and nightly versions include the changes Firefox has made to 
the update preferences, which is that you can no longer disable updates 
entirely via the UI, you can only change it to check and prompt you to 
install. I suspect it's highly unlikely that we will attempt to rip 
these changes out, but none of that is my area of expertise or 
authority, so really what's going on with updates in versions after 68 
is more a question for Magnus.

For THIS topic specifically, I don't see a good argument to add version 
numbers on the website. The average user doesn't care, the average user 
also doesn't use add-ons(other than Lightning). For support purposes, 
Help -> About displays the version and always will, and for users who 
like to be aware, the download URL that appears on mouseover still 
contains the full version string.

In general I consider this to be a years-ago decided issue, and it's 
highly unlikely any messages on this list would make me reconsider 
adding version numbers to download buttons on the website.
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