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Matt Harris at
Thu Apr 4 22:57:40 UTC 2019

On 04-Apr-19 9:16 AM, Andrei Hajdukewycz wrote:
> On 2019-04-03 3:40 p.m., Nomis101 🐝 wrote:
>> Looks nice! If I download Thunderbird, I'm always confused about which
>> version will be downloaded if I click the download button. This only can
>> be seen after Thunderbird is downloaded. I know, this is the same for
>> Firefox, so it seems to me there is a general mozilla UX guide line of
>> not showing the version number on the download page. But for me, this is
>> very confusing. Whats the reason for nowhere showing the version number?
> It's because version number is intentionally something that users are 
> supposed to ignore. The only meaningful differentiation is 
> release/beta/daily channels. If you download from the front page 
> you're always downloading release, so there's no confusion.
> In general being on any version other than the latest version for a 
> channel is not just heavily discouraged but unsupported and actively 
> prevented in the latest versions.
> _______________________________________________ 
/While I do not really support the use of the version number here,  I 
disagree that the user should be encouraged to ignore version numbers.  
One of the first relevant bits of information we are looking for in 
support is what version of the product they are using and what operating 
system.  And not just the bold 60,  but with events like the recent fix 
of MAPI on windows it was .What as well.

I have been hearing this view on version numbers ever since I wandered 
into the Thunderbird community,  but it is a falsehood. What version 
they are using is at times very important to the user,  does this add-on 
work with the version of Thunderbird I have?  How do I get it to work?

When we get to the point of being unable to just install an older 
version to bypass immediate issues of add-on compatibility or regression 
that makes the product unusable then we will start to loose users.  We 
do not have the equivalent of Firefox sync to retain most of the 
important data.  We have no effective way to backup a profile before 
update.   Are you saying that we have a really major issue before 68 in 
that we have to build a profile backup and restore functionality and 
automate it before 68 comes in because those that want to go back can 
not?  Forcing update and actively preventing going back is not going to 
win friends,  but it will make a lot of enemies very quickly.

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