Rebranding Tunderbird to Firefox Mail

Matt Harris at
Thu Apr 4 22:35:41 UTC 2019

On 05-Apr-19 2:19 AM, Amir Farsi wrote:
> Hello dear Thunder Mozillians!
> As you know, People knows Firefox more than Mozilla.
> For example, when i say to my friends i'm contributting to Mozilla, 
> they say what is mozilla?
> When i say i'm contributting to Firefox, then they will know it Very Fast.
> I want suggest redbrand Thunderbird to *Firefox Mail* in countinue of 
> Firefox Products Family.
> I think redisign and redranding Thunderbird together will increase 
> chance of success of Mozilla's New Generation of Mail Products.
> After Firefox Quantom, and Firefox VR and,... now new generation of 
> Firefox Mail can make a bomb like next generation of Firefox(I mean 
> Firefox Quatom).
> You can see Opera branded their email client as *Opera Mail* not other 
> thing.
> Please compare how many People know what is Opera Mail and How many 
> pople know about Thundrbird.
> I think one of important factoras in  currrent status of Thunderbird, 
> is bad Branding. However Mozilla refused use of other names for other 
> products even new password manager, Firefox Lockbox.
> Please share your opinion about it...
> Best.
> Amir
/Opera software makes a mail client.  Mozilla Corporation do not. They 
make a browser called Firefox.

Thunderbird is not made by Mozilla,  and most certainly not to the maker 
of Firefox, the Mozilla corporation.  which is a subsidiary of the 
Mozilla foundation that Thunderbird works with.  So any branding changes 
would be more likely to be away from using even the Mozilla name,  
rather than towards a return to the branding that existed before 
Thunderbird and Firefox were separated.  Sea Monkey has the moral ground 
on that combined naming anyway.

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