Rebranding Tunderbird to Firefox Mail

Amir Farsi amir.farsi428 at
Thu Apr 4 15:49:31 UTC 2019

Hello dear Thunder Mozillians!
As you know, People knows Firefox more than Mozilla.
For example, when i say to my friends i'm contributting to Mozilla, they
say what is mozilla?
When i say i'm contributting to Firefox, then they will know it Very Fast.
I want suggest redbrand Thunderbird to *Firefox Mail* in countinue of
Firefox Products Family.
I think redisign and redranding Thunderbird together will increase chance
of success of Mozilla's New Generation of Mail Products.
After Firefox Quantom, and Firefox VR and,... now new generation of Firefox
Mail can make a bomb like next generation of Firefox(I mean Firefox Quatom).
You can see Opera branded their email client as *Opera Mail* not other
Please compare how many People know what is Opera Mail and How many pople
know about Thundrbird.
I think one of important factoras in  currrent status of Thunderbird, is
bad Branding. However Mozilla refused use of other names for other products
even new password manager, Firefox Lockbox.
Please share your opinion about it...
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