State of Thunderbird Extensions

Matt Harris at
Thu Apr 4 11:00:35 UTC 2019

On 02-Apr-19 9:37 PM, u wrote:
> Hi!
> On 01.04.19 05:07, Christopher Leidigh wrote:
>> In order to focus our efforts as well as educate myself, I've put together
>> some ATN database mining
>> on both extensions and authors.  I used data bars so far as opposed to
>> charts (tricky for me without mouse)
>> I'm trying to get the top level stuff first to create some items.  I'm
>> hoping to have similar information
>> covering Authors for Tuesday's call.  If their questions were requests
>> before then I can attempt to answer them.
> Your data only accounts for people installing Addons via
>, is that correct?
> Users on Debian based operating systems generally install addons from
> distro-repositories,

/That is a state of affairs that needs to be actively discouraged.  The 
version of Thunderbird being offered in some distributions are little 
more than forks with whole panels of settings removed.  Can not tell a 
ubuntu user to check the install history in Edit > Preferences > Update 
as that panel is just not there for them.  I am to the point of not 
offering support to users of certain distributions because I am 
unfamiliar with the product they are using.  With maintainers modifying 
code,  the user interface and not offering bundled add-ons it is to the 
point unless you are using the actual distribution and version you can 
not do more than guess what the product even looks like.

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