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Here are some clarification points from several people 's feedback and
Thanks, that's exactly what I was hoping for.  I rushed to send it out last
in order to get at least some feedback that I could respond to before

- I have already been asked about missing extensions.  I am investigating,
but I
  may or may not be the problem based on how I extract and consume the data.
- I have lots of Python 2 encoding issues (I currently punt and use the ID
  an encoding notation - apologies to anyone in this camp )

Annotation Notes:

Columns: (made compromises for things to fit)
Mext - Extension is a mail extension - currently just means the extension
contains a
A# - the number of authors
Update Days - the number of days from today to the last extension update
(measure of activity)

Excel field me trying to add some averages, I will try to add the future.

I can present some work tomorrow and we can decide what to do with this
going forward.
The big take away is we are pretty good shape for the top extension
compatibility with TB60.
I am less rosy on the developer situation.

If I missed anybody's question, please remind me.

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