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Garrafrauns, 1/Apr/2019 19:54

> Why not just have Addons for the Current Version, then a button for
> 'Older versions
you're mixing up two different concepts here.

Current version != Newest version. So in fact current (Tb) == older (Addon). 
current(Addon) == beta(Tb)

The Newest Addons can be not compatible with /current /version of Thunderbird 60 (due 
to breaking changes in the manifest). If the latest version doesn't work with 
Thunderbird Release (60.6.1) what's the point of trying to push it out to people? most 
users won't be running the Thunderbird beta.


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> *Subject:*Re: State of Thunderbird Extensions
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> Isn't simple better?
> Why not just have Addons for the Current Version, then a button for
> 'Older versions' that works like the old 'Versions' link did?
> I think we should be pushing people to the latest version.
> On Mon Apr 01 2019 09:36:38 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Graeme
> <musiquegraeme at> wrote:
> > Looks good.
> > 
> > Would another possibility be for there to be a "Choose your version of
> > Thunderbird" button, set to default to the latest version...
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