State of Thunderbird Extensions

Axel Grude axel.grude at
Mon Apr 1 11:34:40 UTC 2019

Garrafrauns, 1/Apr/2019 12:34

I wonder if there should be two download buttons for extensions <=60 and >60 because 
it is currently impossible to create an Add-on that satisfies both requirements, and 
the majority of current Add-on users are on Tb 60:

multiple downloads

(and possibly change that hideous "not available" icon while there)


Also, can you explain the column "Update days" ? I think ratings + number of releases 
would be interesting metrics, too.


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> *Subject:*Re: State of Thunderbird Extensions
> *From:*Geoff Lankow <geoff at>
> *To:*<tb-planning at>
> *Sent: *Monday, 4/1/2019, 08:51 08:51 GMT DT +0100 [Week 14]
> Here's an example <> 
> of one that's compatible with 65+ (although not with 67+ because that's awaiting 
> review).
> AIUI the most-recently uploaded version is the one that's shown. That's frustrating 
> because in this case it's not what most people would want, assuming they used their 
> browser to find it, which is a fairly good assumption. But it is clearly marked with 
> compatibility information and links to other versions so not quite so bad.
> I have talked about having a setting in ATN for "the most recent TB release version" 
> and by default displaying the add-on version compatible with it, but that hasn't 
> happened yet. I'll look into it some more because it isn't as easy as it sounds.
> GL
> On 1/04/19 20:37, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
>> On 01 Apr 2019 09:31, Geoff Lankow wrote:
>>> Third, to Jörg, if there are updated add-ons that haven't been uploaded yet, why? 
>>> Is something discouraging authors updating, that we can fix?
>> Well, in my case, ignorance, and yes, that can be fixed. Formerly, uploading a new 
>> version obscured the old version compatible with TB 60, and authors didn't want 
>> that. I understand that you have fixed that, but I'm still unclear about the 
>> mechanics. What do ATN visitors see? What do they download manually? Is it hard to 
>> get to the TB-60-compatible version?
>> Maybe we can explore this if you point us to an example.
>> Also, if and add-on was made compatible with - say - TB 66, there is no guarantee 
>> that it's still compatible with TB 68, so authors might just wait until TB 68 beta 
>> ships in May.
>> Jörg.
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