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On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 6:01 AM Christopher Leidigh <cleidigh at>

> All:
> In order to focus our efforts as well as educate myself, I've put together
> some ATN database mining
> on both extensions and authors.  I used data bars so far as opposed to
> charts (tricky for me without mouse)
> I'm trying to get the top level stuff first to create some items.  I'm
> hoping to have similar information
> covering Authors for Tuesday's call.  If their questions were requests
> before then I can attempt to answer them.
> Note:  I have excluded Lightning from some of outputs so that the scaling
> is not skewed.
> I flag still EailExtensions as well as extensions with more than one
> author (track takeovers et cetera)
> Christopher


I was surprised that I didn't see Unified Search in the list, but when I
checked, I noticed that it now only has 204 average daily users. I imagine
this add-on has been quite popular, but it hasn't been updated for a long
while, so its latest compatibility has been with Thunderbird 52. When you
view the statistics for this add-on, you'll notice a drop from around 1400
ADU to 200 now. I think it has been even more popular before, but those
stats aren't available anymore, at least not on ATN:

I have supplied a patch to the author on github with which for me it mostly
keeps on working in Thunderbird 60, although I haven't checked if
everything works, only the features I use.

It would be nice to see which other add-ons have such a drop in daily
users. It can very well be that people still using those add-ons are still
using old, unsupported version of Thunderbird, so if we find ways to revive
those add-ons, we can maybe get people to upgrade their version of
Thunderbird as well.

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