UX Roundtable Discussion on Thursday

Geoff Lankow geoff at thunderbird.net
Wed Sep 19 02:18:15 UTC 2018

For those of us in inconvenient timezones, is this going to be recorded?


On 19/09/18 07:27, Ryan Sipes wrote:
> Hello Planners!
> I have set up a UX roundtable video call on Thursday with some folks who
> are interested in contributing to UX in Thunderbird. Of course, other
> members of the community who are interested in lending their expertise
> to this topic are welcome to join.
> We'll be meeting on this Thursday at 17:00 UTC using Jitsi at this link:
> https://meet.jit.si/thunderbirduxroundtable
> In this meeting we'll also talk about the best way to share ideas,
> mockups, and how to coordinate. So even if you aren't a design or
> development expert, you can still help us out by helping us figure out
> the processes we need to put in place.
> Feel free to let me know what you think, hope to see a few of you there!

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