Thunderbird 60.0b11 is available

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Thu Sep 6 20:02:19 UTC 2018

60.0b11 is available from

Of particular note, 60.0b11 fixes multiple master password prompts when 
using Google Mail or Calendar OAuth2, eliminating the need for an add-on 
as a workaround to prevent multiple password prompts, and eliminating 
our two largest version 60 crashes - which are shutdown crashes related 
to password prompts.  More bug fixes noted in the release notes 
These latest fixes in 60.b11 will appear in 60.1.0.

You no doubt notice we are off-schedule with betas - 61 and 62 will not 
be shipped, the replacement being 60.0b11.  We hope beta 63 will be next.

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