TB continues to not be tax-deductible in Germany (or everywhere except the US)

harry harry_cube at muenchen-mail.de
Mon Sep 3 18:44:47 UTC 2018

TB continues to not be tax-deductible in Germany (or everywhere except
the US) -
I am convinced that this means for TB to loose a lot of money from
potential donors.

Is it really so hard /difficult to become eligible for tax-deduction ?
The way to go for TB is probably to apply for "Gemeinnützigkeit" (for DE
that is)


You probably wouldn't have much trouble with the donation receipts for
tax-deduction ("Spendenbescheinigungen") if you do it like the people
from LibreOffice

"Einen *vereinfachten Zuwendungsnachweis* nach § 50 Abs. 2 Nr. 2 b EStDV
können Sie hier *herunterladen*. Damit sparen Sie uns Arbeit und Porto,
welches stattdessen unserer Projektarbeit zugute kommen kann. Für
Beträge über 200 €, oder falls Sie dennoch eine Spendenbescheinigung
wünschen, senden uns bitte eine E-Mail an treasurer at documentfoundation.org"

(same in English)
"Also, donation confirmations take a significant amount of time and work
we would rather use for your project activities. In case your donation
is below € 200, we kindly ask you to download the simplified donation
receipt – in German – from the following link:

"Donations to The Document Foundation are*tax-deductible in several
countries*. Please refer to your local tax office for details."

(My comment:  maybe TDF would provide info for which countries this
applies and how they managed to get this)

And some news .. not brand-new, but still interesting ...

*New LibreOffice release sparks record donations to Document Foundation*
--     Feb 13, 2017


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