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opto@optosolar.com opto at optosolar.com
Sun Sep 2 13:32:51 UTC 2018

Maybe someone can summarise the current status of what is best to use for new addons in:
a) TB 60
b) future TB.

I think I noticed that bootstrapped addons can be fully debugged within TB, which would speak to use them over xul.

But some time ago, I read in this forum the intention/necessity to make bootstrapped obsolete, just as xul (because following FF code?).

So there is for me a lot of confusion of what to use.

Also, is it worthwhile to adopt abandoned addons and try to get them running in TB 60, or is that 'wasted' time because their technology (most likely xul) will vanish anyway? If so, in which technology to rewrite their functionality?
How long will TB 60 persist?



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