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neandr neandr at
Fri Oct 19 09:32:45 UTC 2018

+1 for Marks's suggestion!

FMPOV addon authors should use an uncomplicated dev environment. I moved 
to Atom for development of TB addon and enabled Linter with 
linter-jshint packages. That does a good job and enables me to see "old" 
errors. Additionally a small Pyhton script does the XPI/ZIP generation. 
A lightweight installation, very effective!


On 19.10.18 10:12, Mark Banner wrote:
> Without more information on the specifics, I'd suggest that promoting 
> ESLint <> to add-on authors is more likely to be 
> useful - there's lots of rules <> 
> highlighting various issues that can be selectively enabled. For 
> legacy/hybrid add-ons, there's eslint-plugin-mozilla 
> <> which has the 
> mozilla-central configuration, and useful rules specific to gecko.
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