Thunderbird module updates

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Sun Oct 14 11:25:20 UTC 2018

It's time for some updates to the Thunderbird sub-modules, and the 
associated people.

I'm cutting a few of the sub-modules that do not have de facto 
maintainers, but are reviewed/touched more as a collective effort. As I 
see it the sub-modules are meant more as way to delegate 
responsibilities for specific areas, but in reality we don't have that 
many contributors with narrow focus. (With some exceptions such as 
Instant Messaging). If in the future someone steps up with a strong 
focus on a given area, a suitable sub-module can always be created.

Thus, the following sub-modules are removed:

* 3-pane and standalone message views
* Address Book
* Compose
* Preferences and Account Settings
* Testing Infrastructure

I'm also adding one sub-module: Add-on Support.

On the people front there are also a bunch of updates:

* Kent James moved to peer emeritus
* Richard Marti is now a Thunderbird peer
* Andrei Hajdukewycz (:sancus) is now owner of Website
* Ryan Sipes (:ryan) is now a peer of Website
* Rob Lemley (:rjl) is now owner of Build Config
* Philipp Kewisch (:Fallen) is now peer of Add-on Support
* Geoff Lankow (:darktrojan) is now a peer of Add-on Support
* Joshua Cranmer (:jcranmer) moved to peer emeritus of Build Config
* Jim Porter (:squib) removed (3pane sub-module removed, and he's no 
longer active)
* :aleth removed from Instant Messaging


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