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Thu Oct 11 20:23:25 UTC 2018

On 11/10/2018 20:25, Mihovil Stanić wrote:
> 11.10.2018 u 20:37, Mark Rousell je napisao/la:
>> Of course, EAS (ActiveSync) would be the best, longer-term supported
>> third party access protocol but that requires a patent licence. May I
>> ask, did you look into doing that?
> EAS is standard which hardly changes and is used by most clients. I
> think even Outlook uses or used EAS at one point.

To the best of my knowledge, Outlook only supports EAS for access to
services other than Exchange (but I stand to be corrected).

I believe that Outlook on Mac uses EWS to access Exchange whereas
Outlook on Windows has always used some form of MAPI for Exchange access.

> Concerning licence, I don't think you need licence if program is open
> source and you are not selling it, so Thunderbird fits right in.
> For example SoGo is based in USA or Canada if I remember correctly,
> and it's using EAS in their open source groupware program. GroupOffice
> is also using EAS implementation, and they are based in Europe.

This is very interesting. I wasn't aware that they were willing to
license EAS for free. This could be very useful for the right project.

For anyone who's interested, I note that the Microsoft IP licensing
pages are here[1] and here[2].

1: Licensing Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)
2: IP Licensing
<>. As a
matter of interest, I see that this page not only covers EAS but also
covers exFAT, RDP, SMB, Android patents, and "Microsoft Rural Airband
Initiative" technology and patents (whatever that is).

Mark Rousell

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