Featured Add-on Suggestion: QuickFolders

Axel Grude (Axel) axel.grude at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 23:19:13 UTC 2018

I would like to nominated my Add-on QuickFolders, which is one of the highest rated 
"Pure mail" Add-on on Thunderbird.

Extension Name: QuickFolders - I am the developer, took it over from Alexander Malfait 
9 years ago.

It has wide consumer appeal (about 20k permanent users) and has gotten a lot of user 
engagement - I am getting mails weekly / daily of my users with both praise and 
suggestions  for improvement. It has been featured in c't magazine as part of the best 
Thunderbird add-ons on their cover mount DVD Rom 13/2009.

As it augments navigation for users who like a folder based hierarchy (many folders) I 
believe it is the most superior way of navigating / managing many emails. It's basic 
premise is to stop using the folder tree for navigation and not being reliant on 
filtering for finding emails. One thing that is not optimal is vertical scrolling when 
dragging emails, so QuickFolders helps by using a multi-dimensional, menu-based 
paradigm. On top of that the concept is very easy to grasp. It fully support drag and 
drop for folders and emails, highly simplifying moving of folders and emails.

It has been since copied by Postbox and gmail (tab-based views / favorite folder bar), 
but not to the extreme configurability given by QuickFolders. On top of that it 
includes folder icon customization, a reading list and a quickMove / quickJump feature 
(similar to Nostalgy) for keyword based navigation. There is a full support site with 
email which is usually answered within the day (typically within 3 hours) and a bug 
database on mozdev.org.

I have also added a number of educational videos demonstrating the functionality at on 
my Thunderbird Daily YouTube channel:


where I also highlight some of my other Add-ons (SmartTemplate⁴, quickFilters and 

The main reason why I can dedicate so much time to the Add-on is the fact that I 
started to monetize it after getting a few larger donations. Apparently people do 
connect a large value to this (a few 50$ donations for a "free as in beer" Add-on 
convinced me that I should take it more seriously). I am of the firm belief that only 
monetization can solve the problem "long term interest" for large complex software 
projects that are forced to be updated regularly. I have supported many Add-on authors 
in their project and find there is a proclivity to give up if there is no monetary 
gain involved.

thanks for considering my suggestion,

*Axel Grude <mailto:axel.grude at gmail.com>*
Music Production and Composition
Thunderbird Add-ons Developer (QuickFolders 
quickFilters <https://addons.thunderbird.net/thunderbird/addon/quickfilters/>, 
QuickPasswords <https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/quickpasswords/>, Zombie Keys 
<https://addons.thunderbird.net/thunderbird/addon/zombie-keys/>, SmartTemplate⁴ 
Visit my YouTube Channel <https://www.youtube.com/c/thunderbirddaily> for email 
productivity tips Get Thunderbird!
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