Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at iki.fi
Wed Nov 14 08:03:02 UTC 2018

Hi Mike,

You bring up a lot of items. We're always interested in improving 
specific use cases. I would suggest you try to make take it apart into 
actionable items, and file those as separate bugs in bugzilla. That's 
the most likely way to make progress with them.


On 14-11-2018 01:01, MJWestkamper wrote:
> We standardized on Thunderbird in early '06 and as such we've 
> accumulated dozens of accounts, thousands of folders, and overall 
> terabytes of e-mail and attachments.
> Organizing it is now a significant task. Setting up folders, filters, 
> archiving and sharing is quite cumbersome and time-consuming. And of 
> course dispensing with the junk.
> As this system evolves I would like to see a bit of added 
> functionality to help when the numbers get bigger. Some small add-on's 
> can help with the automation of setting up the folders and filters. 
> Some has already been done or is in process.
> Dispensing with the junk is a never-ending game. Here too some AI and 
> clever filters can help. I suspect an add-on could be built to filter 
> the incoming stream, and maybe report it to a central system that 
> would support the clients. I can provide more specifics if there is an 
> interest.
> Archiving is something that would need to be part of the core 
> processes.  I believe a comprehensive method of archiving e-mail 
> locally and remotely along with a search tool would add significant 
> value to Thunderbird.
> Sharing is another function that would need to be part of a core 
> process. All the folks here would benefit from having some folders be 
> public, and some shared. This can become way too complicated, but I do 
> believe some basic abilities here would add a lot of value to small to 
> medium sized organizations.
> I do not have the current talent to code solutions; I wrote my last 
> production software in FORTRAN and before that in COBOL. I can however 
> write a good use case and spec. If something like this is in the 
> cards, and I can contribute, please let me know.
> Mike

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