Thunderbird 64 compatibility

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Garrafrauns, 3/11/2018, 13:10

Re: Thunderbird 64 compatibility

Dear Tb-planning team,

Yesterday my last compatible Add-on (MenuOnTop) which *was* working on Thunderbird 63 
has now been disable in Thunderbird 64. I wonder if we could host a quick stream with 
a thunderbird dev showing how to convert a restartless Add-on so it is compatible with 
Tb64 (I figure if it was compatible with 63 it shouldn't be too much work). It's not 
an overly large code base and it is already restartless. Who can help with this? I 
would think it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

A hangout with live Q&A & fixing would be a good dry run for (later on) converting 
more conservative (non restartless, xul based) Add-ons.

I would imagine a large 3hours marathon hangout, hopefully with chat & Q+A, so  we can 
demonstrate it can be done and encourage other ADd-on authors to move forward with 
their legacy ADd-ons. I would like to host this on my channel Thunderbird Daily 
<> if possible.


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