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Óvári ovari123 at
Sun May 20 10:51:22 UTC 2018

Hi Richard,

Thunderbird Flatpak [1] is currently available. Could Thunderbird 
Flatpak be used instead of an AppImage?

adrianlucrececeleste is happy to help with getting Beta/Nightly flatpaks 
set up too [2].

You might like to cc yourself to "Bug 1290670 - Use Flatpak framework to 
distribute Thunderbird for Linux users" [3].

Flatpaks work (sometimes by default, eg Linux Mint) in non-rolling 
release distributions too [4].

Kind regards






On 20/5/18 8:02 pm, Richard Szibele wrote:
> Hi,
> Are there any plans to provide an AppImage of Thunderbird in the near 
> future? I'm sure many people would appreciate it if they could run the 
> greatest and latest Thunderbird on GNU/Linux without having to compile 
> from source or run a rolling release distribution.
> Kind Regards,
> Richard Szibele
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