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> On 5/16/18 4:19 PM, Phillip Hallam-Baker wrote:
> There are current discussions on how to make S/MIME fit for use. I think
> it very likely that we will see something like ACME emerge but for SMTP and
> that there will be free certificate providers.
> Hey Phillip,
> thanks for keeping tabs on IETF work. Do you have some links to that
> discussion? I've been imaging something like ACME for SMTP as well and
> think it is something Thunderbird should stand behind.
> Philipp
​Currently, the discussion is happening in the LAMPS group on the CAA
issue. But there is also a broader understanding that we need to do more to
make end to end email security the ubiquitous default on the net and CAA is
not going to address that problem.

What I think we need is to work out what the complete set of roadblocks for
ubiquitous use of S/MIME is and form a comprehensive strategy that
addresses them all or at least enough to get somewhere. This ​will likely
lead to an S/MIME+ specification or specification profile similar to what
WiFi is to 802.11b.

I will certainly make sure Thunderbird gets an invite.
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