Thunderbird 60 and Thunderbird 52

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Wed May 16 13:07:37 UTC 2018

Folks have been awaiting information about new releases, specifically 
Thunderbird 60.0, 52.8.0 and 52.9.0, and your patience is appreciated as 
we work to improve the quality of these releases.  Below is an 
approximate outline and order of our plans for the next few months:

* release 52.8.0

* release 60.0b7, and 60.0b8 if needed, using Taskcluster build 
infrastructure [1]

* release 52.8.1 for security updates that were not ready for 52.8.0

* release 60.0 for manual updates only [2] (June)

* release 60.1.0 and 52.9.0 (July)

* release 60.2.0 and end of life for 52 (September)

These items intentionally do not have dates associated with them. Months 
are listed to help you plan, but we will release only when the code is 

52.8.0 has been delayed from last week because of build issues (that is, 
not code) which we expect to overcome in the next few days. 52.8.0 and 
any point releases will include efail and other security fixes. The 52.x 
release series will end with 52.9.x.

Thunderbird 60.0 has not been released yet (even though Firefox 60 ESR 
has released) because there are important issues still to be resolved, 
for example dictionary compatibility. You can download the beta from if you haven't yet 
tested it. Use the links found on the new beta start page (alt+home) to 
give feedback, which will be appreciated. (Note - Thunderbird 60 will 
not initially have the Policy Engine that is a major feature of Firefox 
60 ESR.)

Thank you for using Thunderbird. Check the ways you can be involved to 
make Thunderbird better by visiting the new page.

[1] Taskcluster is a new continuous integration and deployment system 
that Mozilla is already using for Firefox. Thunderbird nightly builds 
are currently running on Taskcluster. But our current release builds are 
running on Buildbot, which Firefox Release Engineering would like to 
turn off as soon as possible. To avoid keeping Buildbot around for 
another 42 weeks, we’d like to complete the Taskcluster migration now, 
before we release 60.0.

[2] Manual updates of 60.0 will be the initial update mode, as we often 
do for a new release, because of the breadth of fixes and improvements. 
Manual-only updates (and updates via downloads) allows us to do a slow 
rollout to users, to get more user feedback than is possible during the 
beta period. Automatic updates will be enabled when we are satisfied 
that we have sufficient numbers of users and a sufficient level of 
quality - a process that typically takes some weeks.

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