Thunderbird 60 Feature Video Planning

Ryan Sipes ryan at
Thu May 3 17:35:11 UTC 2018


I wanted to let folks know that I'm jumping on a video call tomorrow
with Axel (RealRaven2000 in #maildev) to work on a script for a video
that will showcase Thunderbird 60's new features and changes.

I'd like to open this up to anyone else in tb-planning who would like to

The call will be tomorrow at 19:00 UTC, the link to the Hangouts on Air
is here:

The Etherpad we are using to track ideas is here:

I hope to see some members of this list there. If it seems like a
productive meeting we might make this type of meeting a regular thing
for planning marketing/outreach.

Thanks for your time!

Ryan Sipes
Community Manager

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