Thunderbird 60 beta - marketing the changes / improvements

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Tue Mar 27 14:54:05 UTC 2018

Hi Wayne,

Please don't reply to me individually, when you do, it breaks Reply-List
for me (because I don't get the one to the list, only the one sent
direct to me).


Response inline below...

On Tue Mar 27 2018 10:17:52 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Wayne Mery
<vseerror at> wrote:
> On 3/27/2018 9:25 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
>> Ok, while it has been established that, for now at least, 60 apparently
>> won't break all Addons, I'd really like to hear if anyone has pursued at
>> or at least given serious thought to something Philipp Kewisch mentioned
>> about a year ago with respect to adding our own WebExtension APIs just
>> for Thunderbird to make it easier (or even possible) to do the things we
>> want/need to be able to do.

> You are a bit behind. There is already a statement about webextensions
> at - a link which
> as been posted multiple times.

Yes, but...

The content at above link doesn't address the content of my post, so I'm
not even sure why you word your response as if it does.

I'm talking about the long-term survivability of Thunderbird *beyond*
version 60 (60 only gives us a year).

Maybe you didn't read/comprehend what is being discussed or grok the

> If you are looking for something more definitive or descriptive, no one
> has the cycles to dig into this more deeply right now, as we are
> currently burdened with many other tasks - like version 60, etc.

I understand, but looking closely at what this could provide should, in
my opinion, be a very high priority, due to the very nature of what it
could provide:

A method for Thunderbird Addon/Extension devs to migrate their
Extensions/Addons to WebExtensions on Thunderbird that wouldn't be
possible if we relied on only the APIs that Mozilla provides.

> But more hands, i.e. volunteers, would make light work.

I wish I had the skills, believe me.

>> He said it could be done relatively easily. This sounds like another
>> Long-Term option that should be seriously considered, and would provide
>> a much longer window for the long, slow gradual rewrite (which is
>> hopefully now settled as to the way forward).
>> I'm also curious why the Firefox alternatives (Waterfox, etc) haven't
>> taken this approach to provide an expanded set of APIs for Firefox itself.
>> Anyway, here is what he said:
>> On 3/19/2017, 12:46:47 PM, Philipp Kewisch <mozilla at> wrote:
>>> From what I have seen it is fairly easy to extend the WebExtensions 
>>> API without making any changes to m-c, so we may be lucky. It is just
>>> a matter of a category manager entry to load the right scripts.
>>> We should even be able to provide the "WebExtension Experiments" so 
>>> add-on authors can test new API and propose it to be added to 
>>> Thunderbird. Obviously we should be making sure that the APIs added 
>>> are not too broad.
>>> Keep your fingers crossed :)

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