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> *Subject:*Re: Thunderbird 60 beta - marketing the changes / improvements
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> I should have explicitly acknowledged the (obvious) fact that Patrick's
> email was about 61, but how many times have things like this been
> introduced in one version, only to be 'back-ported'?
> Meaning, just because he first experienced it in a build of 61 doesn't
> mean it won't be applied to the codebase for 60.
> So, I still think the question needs to be addressed. Someone who has
> access needs to ask Mozilla for an explicit answer to this question, so
> that we KNOW what to expect - if for no other reason than to at least
> know for certain that TB60 will be the last one that supports legacy Addons.
> That would (or should) make a huge difference in the priorities of the
> next TB Council (the elections for which are happening as we speak).

for me an official position on forking m-c would make the biggest difference. Is it 
still a matter of /if/ or is it just /when/?

IMHO We need to become independent to avoid arbitrary crippling changes, and I would 
rather fork early than lose trust of my user base. Forking will become necessary very 
soon, now that Mozilla is hell bent on burning all bridges for XPCOM/XUL.

Of course I may be completely wrong and the changes are still only minor but I see too 
many posts of the type "now that overlays have gone away..." etc. on the firefox-dev 
groups that I know they would love if we legacy developers would just go away silently 
(well they kind of assume we have). As long as these questions aren't answered I am 
still silently considering contingency measures: how difficult it would be to create a 
Thunderbird Clone (probably impossible), like Alex Kontos did with Waterfox.


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