Thunderbird 60 beta - marketing the changes / improvements

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Mon Mar 26 17:12:52 UTC 2018

Thanks Jörg,

Nice one - thanks even knowing it's mid may will help. I have started writing the 
video script for my ST4 maintenance release, and I decided to describe the release 
cycle in a "roundabout" way, *could somebody on the list check if there are any major 
mistakes re Thunderbird 60 / the rapid release strategy*? Here is what I have got, so far:

> (Intro)
> Hello this is Axel from Thunderbird Daily. This video is for the release of 
> SmartTemplate version 1.5.
> As always, a link to the full change log is available in the low bar and can also be 
> viewed by clicking on the version number in SmartTemplate Settings on the "About 
> SmartTemplate" tab.
> (Thunderbird 60 - The Future of Legacy Add-ons)
> Thunderbird 60 beta has just been released and soon this will land a new ESR 
> (Extended Service Release) to all users. This means as before once per year the 
> version will jump from 52.8 (?) to 60.
> Thunderbird beta moves roughly in Parallel with the 6 weeks rapid release cycle of 
> Firefox, but major features are withheld in the release branch and only security and 
> critical bugfixes are included; this is also shown by the fact that only the minor 
> version number is increased from 52.0 to 52.1, 52.3 and so on. In parallel, beta 
> versions are moved forward through the major versions 53, 54, etc. with all changes 
> included
> A major point is that the Firefox team removed legacy Add-ons in version 57 and is 
> streamlining the code base in order to modernize it, which may break Add-ons in 
> Thunderbird. As Thunderbird is sharing a big chunk of its code base with Firefox it 
> is always necessary watch out for breakages and write maintenance code in order to 
> keep my Add-ons from breaking in the beta releases Thunderbird 57 to 60. In 
> Thunderbird, legacy Add-ons are  still fully supported, so bugs should be filed with 
> the Add-on authors to alert them of problems.
> Usually my Thunderbird beta and Daily users help with bug reports on our add-on 
> support pages; use the link to the most recent Bugzilla entries under
> in order to get functioning versions that work in Thunderbird beta. I also list all 
> bugs I am working on in the version page prior to release; I updated all Add-ons 
> support pages in real time to keep my users informed. The source code is also 
> accessible on github if any developers want to help.
> (SmartTemplate 1.5 - The Changes)
> SmartTemplate 1.5 has these changes so that is both backward compatible with the 
> current version of Thunderbird and the new one which is planned for release in the 
> middle of May, possibly after the next minor release, 52.8.
> I was also keeping my Add-ons compatible with the new versions of Postbox 5.5, but 
> they decided to discontinue Add-ons support in their beta7. If you want to keep 
> using my Add-ons there, pleasee stay with the older version of Postbox 5.0.
thanks so much for your input & assistance. I still feel it's vital to keep our users 
informed with regular video updates (I really need to do this more often)


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> *Subject:*Re: Thunderbird 60 beta - marketing the changes / improvements
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> Hi,
> TB 60 ESR is planned for release in mid-May 2018. I haven't prepared a list of 
> user-facing improvements yet, you'd have to browse all the release notes:
> Important are
>   * The system will now use the application locale for date/time formatting, but you
>     can switch that back to the locale selected in "Regional Settings" (56)
>   * Various improvements to template handling, edit as new now uses the account's
>     format (HTML/plaintext), not the one of the message (57, 59)
>   * Outlook import is back (58)
>   * Various improvements in the attachment pane: Attached messages now show the
>     subject instead of "Attached Message" (57). Attachments can be re-ordered
>     (context menu, also via drag & drop) (58, 59). TB 60 has more attachment
>     improvements, and we're working on more which will ship in later beta versions.
>   * Delete button to remove recipient (60).
>   * Fresh new look with Photon icons and square tabs (57).
> Jörg.
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