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Mon Mar 26 16:44:50 UTC 2018

Wouldn't it make sense to first answer the question of whether or not 60
will completely and totally break all Addons, as was suggested by
Patrick here (to say this is extremely concerning to me would be an

On Thu Mar 22 2018 03:18:47 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Patrick
Brunschwig <patrick at> wrote:
> It looks like TB 61 does not allow resource:// URLs for bootstrapped
> addons anymore. I got the following error after updating to TB 61.0a1
> (2018-03-21):
> Bootstrapped manifest not allowed to use 'resource' directive.
> chrome.manifest:26
> The content of line 26 in chrome.manifest is this:
> resource enigmail modules/
> This will probably break most TB addons entirely :-(
> -Patrick

On Mon Mar 26 2018 11:00:37 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Axel Grude
<axel.grude at> wrote:
> Thanks Wayne,
> I updated and installed and read the release notes, planning to do do
> another video on Thunderbird Daily
> <>
> in regards to the next ESR. As I have to release new forward compatible
> versions of all my mail Add-ons I thought I could tie it in with the
> release of SmartTemplate4 today, but I don't think I have enough info to
> do it comprehensively, so I am putting that off for further down the
> line (when is release of Tb60 planned for?)
> Now, looking at:
> I was asking myself what new features should be demoed, to show the
> progress in comparison to ESR versions 52.*
> not quite sure what the page above refers to, the most important changes
> of 60 vs 52 or changes from 59 to 60?
> Ideally I would like to have a list of obvious things (like the new UI /
> responsive icons design) that I would present in a 10 minute video, if
> possible not too technical.
> I looked at this list:
> would that be the comprehensive list of changes vs. 52? Does anyone on
> this list have suggestions on what to present?
> Maybe /*Ryan */could also help with putting together what he thinks is
> important for marketing Thunderbird for the future. I definitely want to
> mention that the users are going strong (20 Million?) and that
> Thunderbird will be around for at least another year - hopefully still
> with full Add-ons support (as opposed to Firefox and Postbox).
> I also heard on Mozilla that they are working hard on re-structuring
> Add-on reviews for rehosting all Add-ons under the new domain, it would
> be great to get a bit more info to see how the changeover will affect
> our users / will Add-on updates be seamless? How is searching for
> Add-ons from integrated with the new host is it simply
> redirecting all traffic / searches for mail add-ons? How is it going to
> affect SeaMonkey users - I assume they also want to stay with XUL based
> Add-ons as they have a more conservative viewpoint (full theming, deep
> customisation etc.)? Lots of questions here, it would be great if I had
> some answers to work into a video.
> thanks in advance,
>   Axel
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>> *Subject:*Thunderbird 60 beta
>> *From:*Wayne Mery <vseerror at>
>> *To:*Tb-planning
>> *Sent: *Friday, 23/03/2018 21:14:14 21:14 GMT DT +0000 [Week 12]
>> Some exciting news ... we will soon have the first Thunderbird 60 beta
>> available, which is the basis for the next major ESR release.  Look
>> for a future announcement of the changes it brings, and the
>> opportunities for you to help make this release better.
>> ~ The release team ~

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