Thunderbird 60 beta - marketing the changes / improvements

Axel Grude axel.grude at
Mon Mar 26 15:00:37 UTC 2018

Thanks Wayne,

I updated and installed and read the release notes, planning to do do another video on 
Thunderbird Daily 
<> in 
regards to the next ESR. As I have to release new forward compatible versions of all 
my mail Add-ons I thought I could tie it in with the release of SmartTemplate4 today, 
but I don't think I have enough info to do it comprehensively, so I am putting that 
off for further down the line (when is release of Tb60 planned for?)

Now, looking at:

I was asking myself what new features should be demoed, to show the progress in 
comparison to ESR versions 52.*

not quite sure what the page above refers to, the most important changes of 60 vs 52 
or changes from 59 to 60?

Ideally I would like to have a list of obvious things (like the new UI / responsive 
icons design) that I would present in a 10 minute video, if possible not too technical.

I looked at this list:

would that be the comprehensive list of changes vs. 52? Does anyone on this list have 
suggestions on what to present?

Maybe /*Ryan */could also help with putting together what he thinks is important for 
marketing Thunderbird for the future. I definitely want to mention that the users are 
going strong (20 Million?) and that Thunderbird will be around for at least another 
year - hopefully still with full Add-ons support (as opposed to Firefox and Postbox).

I also heard on Mozilla that they are working hard on re-structuring Add-on reviews 
for rehosting all Add-ons under the new domain, it would be great to get a bit more 
info to see how the changeover will affect our users / will Add-on updates be 
seamless? How is searching for Add-ons from integrated with the new host 
is it simply redirecting all traffic / searches for mail add-ons? How is it going to 
affect SeaMonkey users - I assume they also want to stay with XUL based Add-ons as 
they have a more conservative viewpoint (full theming, deep customisation etc.)? Lots 
of questions here, it would be great if I had some answers to work into a video.

thanks in advance,

*Axel Grude <mailto:axel.grude at>*
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> Some exciting news ... we will soon have the first Thunderbird 60 beta available, 
> which is the basis for the next major ESR release.  Look for a future announcement 
> of the changes it brings, and the opportunities for you to help make this release 
> better.
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