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> What about Philippe Vigneau, the extension's developer, himself? Can't
> he tell us most of the answer to no. 2, and possibly help with no. 3?
> Also, it looks like he's actively updating the extension, so probably
> the answer to 4 is "Yes".
> Anyway, I'm willing to volunteer time (probably around the end of this
> month) to read through the extension code and to the extent I can
> manage, the parts of the core code involving the address book, and map
> out what I can in terms of answers. If nobody else has gotten to this
> before I have, that is.

Thanks, that would be great.

> Final note - can you elaborate a bit (either on- or off-list) about the
> "processes" you mentioned an extension author gets into if his/her
> extension gets integrated into the core code?

I meant concepts that may pose changes to his current workflow like these:
1. there will be reviews of the code he intends to check in.
2. there are some coding style rules in the code that need to be
followed, so that others can also understand the code easily.
3. if the code is integrated, the nightly users always get the newest
code. If there is some breakage/API change from m-c, he may be asked to
fix it ASAP instead of working on some new feature.
4. similarly there are the release cycles and there will be periods
where it may be preferred to work on polishing and stabilisation bugs,
not new features. And again on fixed deadlines.


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