Re: Thunderbird’s future: a modern addressbook

Eyal Rozenberg eyalroz at
Thu Mar 15 00:49:06 UTC 2018

A couple of comments:

On 3/15/18 12:04 AM, neandr wrote:
>  3. A modern addressbook (using web technologies) should overcome legacy
>     layout ideas. Clearly our legacy TB/AB UI is bound to a desktop
>     implementation. 

This again? Haven't we straightened this out yet? The address book, just 
like Thunderbird itself, has, is, and will be a desktop application. 
That's not a legacy to be overcome.

If I caught the drift of the discussion on this point a few weeks ago:

* There has been no decision mandating Thunderbird to become/include a 
client for mobile phones
* There isn't a majority of people who think this is necessary
* There's a large minority, if not a majority, of people who think it's 
a bad idea

 >>     It's intended to serve as a technical experiment for a rewrite
 >>     using web technologies
 >     Clearly Cardbook doesn't fulfill this point.
 >     ...
>     If a new-TB/AB project is meant  "to serve as a
>     technical experiment" we should experiment also with alternative
>     layouts and handling, not only bound to mouse and menu and pulldown
>     and such. Do will need a full list/table to show the contacts?
>     Categories instead or additionally to Contact Lists (see also next
>     point).

For this reason I don't think CardBook should be frowned upon in any way 
as a potential piece of functionality to be integrated into Thunderbird 
_with_its_current_architecture_. That would be a functionality win with 
relatively limited effort, that would help create the breathing space to 
pursue a full-rewrite endeavor. IMHO.


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