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Wed Mar 14 19:10:53 UTC 2018

... I did it again (donation to TB)   :-)

I do have remarks concerning the donation process, though.

In the first place, I speak here for the situation for donors to TB in 
Germany - and I have some proposals as to
- encouraging donations
- make sure that the bank fees for the donations are very low

- donations to TB are not tax-deductible (as of now, it seems that TB is 
tax-deductible in US, but e.g. not in Germany)
- concerning the payment options:   as of now, there is "credit card" 
and "paypal";
   also, there is "Überweisungen" (bank wire transfer), and donors are 
notified that for each "Überweisung" (wire transfer), TB (or here: 
Mozilla) is charged bank fees of 5 US Dolllars; TB (or rather 
"SVB-Mozilla Foundation") does have a German bank account with the 
"Standard Chartered Bank" in Frankfurt/Germany, though, so   I don't 
quite understand the high fees for "Überweisungen"

- make donations to TB tax-deductible (I don't now what is needed for TB 
to be tax-deductible in Germany, to cite the situation for LibreOffice:  
donations to LibreOffice are tax-deductible in Germany *and* the US);
    possibly, there is an easy way for TB to reach a labelling as 
"gemeinnützig", which is what is needed to be tax-deductible in Germany
- in Germany the payment option "SEPA-Lastschrift" is well known an well 
established   ("Direct debit")
       this payment option is extensively used by many organizations in 
Germany that collect donations;  main reason: *the bank fees per 
transfer are as low as 10 Eurocent* (less than 13 Cent US);
          (I don't know about the situation e.g. in France; probably  
"SEPA- direct debit" can be used there under the same conditions)
- also, in case TB hires devs from Germany, there would be no need to 
transfer the money to the U.S. and back;

If the "usage by country"-chart for TB that was posted here tells the 
truth, then the single largest userbase of TB is Germany - so it might 
well be worth an effort to encourage donations in Germany.
So:  Get the labelling as "gemeinnützig" for TB to be tax-deductible in 
Germany, and get a regular bank account for TB in Germany.... and set up 
a "SEPA-Lastschriftverfahren" on the TB website.


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