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Tue Mar 13 17:04:43 UTC 2018

What about Philippe Vigneau, the extension's developer, himself? Can't 
he tell us most of the answer to no. 2, and possibly help with no. 3? 
Also, it looks like he's actively updating the extension, so probably 
the answer to 4 is "Yes".

Anyway, I'm willing to volunteer time (probably around the end of this 
month) to read through the extension code and to the extent I can 
manage, the parts of the core code involving the address book, and map 
out what I can in terms of answers. If nobody else has gotten to this 
before I have, that is.

Final note - can you elaborate a bit (either on- or off-list) about the 
"processes" you mentioned an extension author gets into if his/her 
extension gets integrated into the core code?


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>> On Mon Mar 12 2018 20:44:10 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), TT Mooney
>>> Nearly everyone needs a decent address book. What do we have to do to
>>> make sure we have one in a default installation?
>> There was a discussion some tim eback about simply integrating Carbook
>> into the core code.
>> I don't recall anything more of substance happening after that.
> Hi. It is because the required manpower haven't changed since that time (it seems it was about a year ago).
> The integration isn't just "simply" throwing Cardbook into Thunderbird source tree and you are done.
> 1. somebody needs to decide this is a good idea and we want to look at the addon. Maybe the new council elected soon will get the time to do it.
> 2. somebody needs to read the addon code to check how to integrate it, also whether it works standalone, or on top of the existing AB (which we then can't rip out). Does it not regress in some features the existing AB has?
> 3. there are about 2-3 active developers (volunteers!) able to do this and help with the integration. Those are saturated with basic maintenance tasks due to m-c changes so can hardly look at enhancement possibilities like this one. This hasn't changed in the last year. That's why the council is trying to hire more devs to improve this problem.
> 4. will the original addon author continue to work on the code once it is integrated? If yes, great, but he will also need to adapt to some of our processes. If not, then do we want to accept a blob of code nobody understands and we need to learn it/adapt to it? Then again, more devs would be needed.
> I surely forgot something but you get the idea.
> aceman
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