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 From the author (me :O) in a mail titled "Re: CardBook postulates to 
become a Thunderbird featured addon."  (11/04/2017 10:56)

	Philippe, would you be willing to re-license under MIT or the MPL?

	--> The best for the end : CardBook is now licenced on MPL 2.0 (I don't know the implications but let's try :O)

so there shouldn't be any licence issue left...


Le 13/03/2018 à 12:06, Tanstaafl a écrit :
> On Mon Mar 12 2018 20:44:10 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), TT Mooney
> <ttmooney at> wrote:
>> I mentioned Cardbook earlier, and it wasn’t because I think there’s
>> a problem with it. It just isn’t a bundled solution. So, for most
>> people it isn’t visible.
>> Nearly everyone needs a decent address book. What do we have to do to
>> make sure we have one in a default installation?
> There was a discussion some tim eback about simply integrating Carbook
> into the core code.
> One question, or objection, that came up was the license wasn't
> compatible. The Cardbook author (can't remember who now) was asked, and
> agreed that they would be happy to relicense the code to overcome this
> objection.
> I don't recall anything more of substance happening after that.
> It seems to me that this would at least be a very good starting point?
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