Thunderbird’s future: a modern addressbook

TT Mooney ttmooney at
Mon Mar 12 16:28:43 UTC 2018

All —

Long-time lurker, long-time Thunderbird user.

I’ve read with great interest the discussions about what way Thunderbird needs to go in the future, technology platforms we could use, and which features people think are important and usable.

Number one, for me, is a modern address book. Something that allows more than one mobile phone number, and features a good carddav implementation. And I don’t think I’m alone in this.

The current address book in Thunderbird is barely usable. There are a couple extensions which try to work around the problem, but they’re not 100%. Not that I’m complaining about Cardbook, or anyone else working on solving the problem — it’s the best we have now, and I’m happy to have it.

Regardless of the future of the platform, complete rewrite, new encryption system, etc, I think we can all agree that the address book is simply not good enough. Everyone seems to agree we should do something about it, but the community doesn’t seem able to move forward.

I know three medium-sized companies who have replaced Thunderbird with Outlook and the address book was a complaint in all three cases. It is core functionality that nearly all users expect to just work. So how can we move forward and do something about it?

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PS — I’m not a programmer, but can help out as long as the effort seems like it’s going somewhere.

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