Who are our users.

Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 00:45:57 UTC 2018

When I first came to the Thunderbird project there was much talk about 
Thunderbird being aimed at home users, it was even given as a reason for 
not integrating a calendar. What I would like to stimulate is a little 
discussion on who are our users and are they actually "home" users.

In support we see a flow of silver surfers and business folk on the 
whole.  Many of whom are trying to make Thunderbird work on their hosted 
domain.  Two things are apparent.  Those seeking support mostly have 
very little skill in actually using their device.  For instance they 
have to have "copy to clipboard" from the troubleshooting information 
explained to them.  They have no idea what a clipboard is and are wary 
of the term.

So who are we building this software for?

If it is home users,  where are our migration wizards to hold their hand.
If it is business users, where are our business features to lock down 
the user interface and account settings.

Firefox appear to have managed to decide business is important and have 
implemented GPO support for windows. 

Should we also be doing this?

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