A point of reference

Bob bobbagwill at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 00:49:42 UTC 2018

If I were implementing an email GUI in Javascript, I would be using it 
to paint the controls, a few lines of message metadata, and the current 
message. All the heavy lifting would be done by a compiled backend.  The 
GUI would just have to cursor through results provided by the backend.  
The backend would be the search and database manager.  It would provide 
a[n] [REST-ful] interface that the frontend GUI would query.  The 
current Thunderbird GUI shows some accounts, folders, and saved searches 
on the left.  A pane of a dozen or two message lines, and the current 
message, in text or HTML. The Javascript GUI would build the account, 
folder, and saved search list as it starts, then says "Give me the 
message metadata for the most recent 20 messages, and the message 
contents for the most recent message!"  then displays them.
Bob Bagwill

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