A point of reference

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Wed Mar 7 19:31:13 UTC 2018

R Kent James wrote on 07.03.18 19:34:
> I have not attempted myself to profile why this is true, but with all 
> of these real-world examples of problems with serious attempts at 
> JS-only implementations, you need to question the blanket statement 
> "the JS engine itself is very fast and on par with C code". That is 
> the assumption we have made for years, but experience has shown us 
> that it is not that easy. 

Before making drastic architectural decisions, we should investigate 
*why* things are slow.

For every app changing from JS to C++, there are 10 apps that change 
from C++ to JS.

I've myself led efforts of applications that were C++ being rewritten in 
JS, and the result in JS was fast. And much nicer :-). That application 
had 5 million users. The old C++ version had only 1 million users, which 
shows that the JS re-implementation was a success.

I suspect that there is a common mistake in *how* JS is being used. For 
many JS-driven websites, it's pretty clear why they are slow - bad 
engineering, e.g. linking several MB of JS library code. We need to find 
the issue and fix/avoid it.


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