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Sat Mar 3 00:11:50 UTC 2018

A landing page, or a donations/support page linked from it, should 
explain why we even need money at all - which would not be clear to 
many. I mean, perceptually, it's a Mozilla project and Mozilla is 
well-established and likely rich. We need to tell people that 
Thunderbird is an avian scorned! Thrown out into the cold with nothing 
but the feathers on its back etc.

As for making a content fresh - in addition to where the content is 
placed, it's often useful to raise occasionally for concrete goals (or 
at least with concrete foci) like a specific milestone, feature, 
employee hire or even yearly maintenance of something - than to have an 
outstanding and static "give us money" content.

However - I don't think it's a good idea to bring up a pop-up or other 
content requesting money within Thunderbird - except in a very passive 
and non-intrusive way (not a "squeeze"), such as alternating 
inforgraphics/text while an update is being downloaded; or an extra link 
when there's a prominent button which triggers restart etc. It's very 
easy to cross the fine line of becoming "nagware".

As for the website - I guess something like what LibreOffice has would 
be reasonable, but I'll emphasize that it's more clear why LO needs 
money than it is why we need money.


On 3/1/18 6:50 AM, Axel Grude wrote:
> I like these suggestions.
> Another thing to consider for the default case: if we show the same 
> appeal to donation on the landing page it will soon not be perceived 
> anymore. So if it could change once in a while by having different 
> layout / wording / picture (?) - think of SEO principles of content 
> fresh - it will make a bigger impact.
> Think of it as a squeeze page without stopping the user from doing their 
> work.
> Axel
> On 1 Mar 2018 00:25, "harry" <harry_cube at 
> <mailto:harry_cube at>> wrote:
>     Am 28.02.2018 um 17:40 schrieb Eyal Rozenberg:
>>     * The vast majority of Thunderbird users don't even know that
>>     their contribution is desirable, let alone significant.
>     I have already mentioned this here before:
>     if Thunderbird wants to secure that donations keep coming in, there
>     should definitely  be taken a little effort to advertise that TB
>     needs those donations.
>     As of now, *you can use TB for years and years, and still not know
>     that a donation would be appreciated.*
>     I, for instance, have more often made donations to the "Document
>     foundation" (LibreOffice) than I did to  Thunderbird because they
>     ask for donations after each update. It is easier for them, though,
>     because the update can' t be done as background process, but the
>     download has to be done manually, so it is easy to show the donation
>     page to the user.
>     I have just checked, and found something that was new to me:
>     actually, the   donation page /start page
>     <>
>     *is* being displayed at each start of TB (if not unchecked in the
>     settings) - but only if one uses the messagepane of TB. I Actually,
>     I use only 2 panes (with the messagepane being "pushed down"and the
>     content  of a message not visible until opened - and I have always
>     used it this way).
>     So, considering quite some others may use TB in the same way, it
>     could be a good idea to display the donation page**after each update
>     process of TB*- * in the same way as the "new version fixes" are
>     being displayed as of now. That is, in a separate tab or a separate
>     window. Also, this page "
>     <>" could need a
>     little overhaul - I can only speak for the German Version of this
>     web page.  While the page isn't really badly written, it seems to be
>     a translation from the English page and doesn't really sound
>     inspiring to me.
>     I wouldn't consider this is to be too intrusive, nor think that it
>     would be not well received by a significant number of users. It
>     should be made very clear, though, that one won't loose any
>     functionality if he doesn't donate - in order to not annoy users.
>       I would rather consider it a wasted chance for the future of TB if
>     the donation issue wasn't given more attention.
>     Harry
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