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Am 01.03.2018 um 12:46 schrieb Axel Grude:
> [Resent, as apparently replying from gmail on my Samsung Galaxy caused 
> a bounce]
>> So, considering quite some others may use TB in the same way, it 
>> could be a good idea to display the donation page**after each update 
>> process of TB*- * in the same way as the "new version fixes" are 
>> being displayed as of now.
>> ..
>> That is, in a separate tab or a separate window.
> I like these suggestions. I am successfully using content tabs like 
> this with my Add-ons.
> Another thing to consider for the default case (landing page): if we 
> always show the same appeal to donation on the landing page it will 
> soon not be actively perceived anymore. So if it could change once in 
> a while by having different layout / wording / picture (?) - think of 
> SEO principles of content fresh - it will make a bigger impact. The 
> landing page is literally like a free mailing list, but without the 
> Spam, and no need for advertising anything else as the product we know 
> our users already are using. This is an enormous difference to any 
> other type of marketing as  you do not have to deliver / install / 
> convincing of the product anymore, all the hard work is done.
> Think of it as a squeeze page but without stopping the user from doing 
> their work.
>  How about a monthly newsletter?

I checked the German donation page against the respective English page -

- it is actually a translation 1:1 of the English text and keeps very 
close to the English wording - IMHO the result is a text that is a bit 
strange and odd, in some cases doesn't get the message across and 
certainly doesn't really motivate a user to donate. Maybe anyone of the 
French native speakers  on this list can give his opinion on the French 

I don't think that the way to go is a translation of the text - probably 
every one of the German native speakers on this list could do a better 
job and write something more appealing.

Just to compare the donation page of LibreOffice (in German)              (in English)
- nothing really fancy, but I think it is a fluent reading and gets the 
point across (I again speak for the German Version here - maybe here the 
English Version is a translation from the German text and sounds a bit odd)

It might also be a good idea to ask somebody with experience in the 
advertising field.

Also, the newsletter proposed by Axel seems a very good idea to me. 
People appreciate to have an easy connection to stuff they like. Even if 
there is only one for every 2 months ,  and if it just gives an overview 
of the most interesting news from TB blogs, Council decisions etc.


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