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Thu Mar 1 08:13:00 UTC 2018


Eyal Rozenberg:
> On 2/28/18 2:35 PM, Matt Harris wrote:

> * The vast majority of Thunderbird users don't even know that their
> contribution is desirable, let alone significant.
> * There are a zillion ways to contribute in life; helping your mail
> client survive is just one of them.> * Some people (perhaps even most people?) have a hard time making ends
> meet and can't spare the money to contribute to Thunderbird, even if
> they know such contribution would be useful.
> * In any mass-public-use application, very few of the users will be
> contributors regardless of anything. Yet - adoption/popularity will be
> determined almost entirely by these users' behavior.

I could not agree more.

> Despite having said that - a poll might not be a good idea because:
> * of Sample bias
> * people have a very hard time imagining alternatives significantly
> different from the current state of affairs
> * asking end-users about the considerations which are "under the hood"
> seems kind of pointless, since how would they know?


I think a poll might simply give an image about who your users are and
what they do or don't know how to do with TB.

As for finding out what to change under the hood, this is something
which you could find out "internally" through real life meeting, using
brainstorming/design thinking techniques and taking the target and
current user base into account.


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