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Thu Mar 1 00:21:51 UTC 2018

Am 28.02.2018 um 17:40 schrieb Eyal Rozenberg:
> * The vast majority of Thunderbird users don't even know that their 
> contribution is desirable, let alone significant.

I have already mentioned this here before:
if Thunderbird wants to secure that donations keep coming in, there 
should definitely  be taken a little effort to advertise that TB needs 
those donations.
As of now, *you can use TB for years and years, and still not know that 
a donation would be appreciated.*

I, for instance, have more often made donations to the "Document 
foundation" (LibreOffice) than I did to  Thunderbird because they ask 
for donations after each update. It is easier for them, though, because 
the update can' t be done as background process, but the download has to 
be done manually, so it is easy to show the donation page to the user.

I have just checked, and found something that was new to me: actually, 
the   donation page /start page
*is* being displayed at each start of TB (if not unchecked in the 
settings) - but only if one uses the messagepane of TB. I Actually, I 
use only 2 panes (with the messagepane being "pushed down"and the 
content  of a message not visible until opened - and I have always used 
it this way).

So, considering quite some others may use TB in the same way, it could 
be a good idea to display the donation page**after each update process 
of TB*- * in the same way as the "new version fixes" are being displayed 
as of now. That is, in a separate tab or a separate window. Also, this 
page "" could need a little 
overhaul - I can only speak for the German Version of this web page.  
While the page isn't really badly written, it seems to be a translation 
from the English page and doesn't really sound inspiring to me.

I wouldn't consider this is to be too intrusive, nor think that it would 
be not well received by a significant number of users. It should be made 
very clear, though, that one won't loose any functionality if he doesn't 
donate - in order to not annoy users.

  I would rather consider it a wasted chance for the future of TB if the 
donation issue wasn't given more attention.


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