How to bundle locales with Thunderbird

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Thu Jun 28 12:50:50 UTC 2018

Ben Bucksch schrieb am 28.06.2018 um 01:01:
> As my company Beonex for a client, we've managed to make some small 
> changes to TB/moz build system to build a given set of locales as part 
> of the "mach package" step. This allows to package all locales into a 
> single DMG on Mac and a single installer on Windows, as part of the 
> normal build, without repacks.
> Is there interest in that? I might be able to post them, if I get 
> around to it.

Here are the changes we did - I hope the description is complete:

1. Add:
installer package:: ../mail/installer/
+ @$(EXIT_ON_ERROR)                            \
+  sed -n '/AB_CD/,/all-l10n/s/.*\/\([^@]*\)\.manifest/\1/p' $< | while 
read locale; do $(MAKE) -C mail/locales langpack-$$locale; done

2. Add lines to mail/installer/ to package the locale 
manifests and jar files. It is those lines that are being read above.

3. add all duplicated locale files to mail/

4. add code to mail/locales/ or 
mozilla/toolkit/locales/ to copy the langpacks into the final 
chrome directory so that they would get packaged by the above changes.

5. Since bug 1395363 in Gecko 58, it turns out that langpacks are now 
web extensions; We don't know whether it's possible to preinstall them 
in the build, as we worked with Thunderbird 52.

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