The future of 32-bit builds

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Tue Jun 12 20:51:27 UTC 2018

raspi is arm32, right?

Am 12. Juni 2018 22:33:00 MESZ schrieb Magnus Melin <mkmelin+mozilla at>:
>I read 92% is already running 64 bit desktops (for Ubuntu). That's
>to decline of course especially now that they went 64 bit only for new 
>I suppose 32bit builds of Thunderbird are still needed at least for a 
>few years.
>Just my 5 cents.
>  -Magnus
>On 12-06-2018 01:55, Adrian Lucrèce Céleste wrote:
>> Hello, I maintain the flatpak of Thunderbird for Flathub. I was 
>> wondering what the future of 32-bit builds (for x86 and arm) is going
>> to be like. I ask because I've been having trouble building 
>> Thunderbird for x86 and 32-bit arm (documented here: 
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